Suction Hose 30m


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Medium Duty PVC Suction Hose

  • Smooth Inner Wall With Light Corrugation To Outer Wall

  •  Manufactured From PVC With Rigid PVC Reinforcing Helix

Values given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at 20°C based on a 3:1 safety factor.

Size i.d.

i.d. (mm) o.d. (mm) Pressure  Bend Radius 
1" 25mm 33mm 7 bar 125mm
1 1/4" 32mm 40mm 7 bar 160mm
1 1/2" 38mm 46mm 6 bar 190mm
2" 51mm 60mm 5 bar 250mm
2 1/2" 63mm 73mm 4.5 bar 315mm
3" 76mm 87mm 5 bar 300mm
4" 102mm 114mm 4 bar 400mm
6" 152mm 165mm 3 bar 800mm

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