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Manifolds - Open

Gas Distribution Manifolds

T-mex HDPE distribution manifold are designed to provide centralised control and monitoring for a number of landfill gas extraction wells.

Manifold design is of paramount importance and sizing should reflect the need to provide equivalent suction to all inlets regardless of individual valve settings. Gas inlets can be single sided or double sided.

As standard, T-mex offers the near-linear flow control V5 valve, butterfly valve or ball valve (GRP or PVC) for inlet gas regulation.

Virtually all manifold system installations utilize a 2” (63mm PE or DN50) valve to provide gas regulation and control from individual gas well installations. For well installations with excessive or minimal gas yields the inlet control valves can be upsized or downsized accordingly.

Where necessary a reducer can be fitted to the inlet spigot the valve to suit the well-to-manifold gas carrier pipe which, depending on pressure drop, will normally sized at 63mm, 90mm or 110mm.

For ease of costing we offer a fixed price basic manifold assembly Camlock Adaptors - Polypropylene with the inlet valve and monitoring valve options Camlock Couplers - Stainless Steel, Camlock Adaptors - Stainless Steel as extra-over items.