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Basic Manifold Assembly

Availability: In stock

  1. SDR17.6 HDPE manifold body of sufficient length to accommodate specified number of inlet valves

  2. One end sealed-off and one end fitted with stub flange, chamfered as required, and backing ring.

  3. Lever operated (*3) butterfly isolation valve.

  4. Standard spigot outlet flange – chamfered as required to accommodate valve operation.

  5. Outlet flange backing ring.

  6. Half set of BZP bolt assemblies

Product ID Size List Price Qty
07.0201 110mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs)
07.0202 125mm Gas Manifold
07.0203 160mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs)
07.0204 180mm Gas Manifold
07.0205 200mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs)
07.0206 250mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs)
07.0207 315mm Gas Manifold
07.0208 315mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs)
07.0209 355mm Gas Manifold
07.0210 355mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs) Call for Price
07.0211 400mm Gas Manifold Call for Price
07.0212 400mm Gas Manifold (Chamfered Stubs) Call for Price